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Published on October 18, 2017 By DANMAN3712 In Forum Issues


Coming back into the fold with a mod update for Sins of a Solar Empire, only to find that all my posts and threads are locked.  How and why did this happen?

Is there any way to get these unlocked?  My thread for 7 Deadly Sins for Sins of a Solar Empire was one of the most popular threads in the forum for several years, and now it is locked as if it no longer exists.

If this can be unlocked so that I and others can post again it would be great.



on Oct 18, 2017
on Oct 18, 2017

Auto-closing of threads whose last response was over 12 months old is actually a plus.  All too frequently old issues with the sites/forums/software are 'revived' when they are no longer relevant....and thus redundant.  The poster is under the impression the issue is current without referencing/realizing their antiquity.

If a thread were considered historically significant Admins can reset/unlock them.

Spam-bots trawl for suitable 'phrases' on which to respond/post.  In fact one of Island Dog's long-since hidden was still being hit on a weekly basis.  Locking them cures that...

on Oct 18, 2017

Saying that....if you can PM me [or Island Dog] linking to the thread in question it can be unlocked for you.

The [current] policy has massively reduced the Spam issues on [all of] Stardock's sites/forums....

on Oct 24, 2017

 Awesome, I'm going to do that.  Good job getting the forums cleaned up.  Yeah I was on hiatus (REAL LIFE) and now its time to return with new stuff while I was gone.

Thanks again!


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